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1. Homework

\(\def\|{&}\DeclareMathOperator{\D}{\bigtriangleup\!} \DeclareMathOperator{\d}{\text{d}\!}\)

Do you have a question about astronomy or something in the sky or in space? You can try to find an answer to your question in the following ways:

  1. Search for the topic of your question in the list of topics in the AnswerBook.
  2. Search for your topic in the list of all questions in the AnswerBook.
  3. Search all text in these pages ( or on the whole web (WWW) by typing the question into the search box below and then pressing the "Google Search" button:


Did you try the things mentioned above but were you yet unable to find the answer to your question? Then you can send your question to me. I'll probably not answer your question if:

Even if your question is new and clear and astronomical and no homework question, it can take a week or longer before you get an answer.

Write your question in the rectangle. Is your question about something on my website? Then mention the address or title of the page and also the number of the section or equation or figure so that I can easily find the text/equation/figure that you have a question about.

You do not need to fill in the boxes below if you don't want to. If you fill in your email address, then (maybe) I'll send an answer there especially for you. Be careful not to make spelling mistakes in your email address, or else my answer will not reach you. If you do not fill in your age, then I'll assume that you are an adult. If you fill in your city and country, then do not fill in your full address, because I don't need to know it and it is not always safe if you give your full address to strangers.
I will not give the information you provide to anyone else and will not send you unsolicited emails.

Your name:
Your city & country:
Your age:
Your email address:

1. Homework

It may be tempting to send your homework assignments to me, but if I suspect that your question is in fact a homework assignment, then I won't just send you the desired answer, because the purpose of homework is that you learn how to find your way through the topic of the homework, and copying my answers won't give you any experience with that. And anyway, I won't sit next to you at the test or examination that you'll receive later about this topic, so you'll have to do the work yourself then, too.

If you have a homework assignment with an astronomical flavor, and you can't figure it out by yourself, then I'm willing to help you along, but only if I can tell that you've seriously tried to complete the assignment by yourself. That means that you'll have to be able to tell me exactly where you got stuck, and which answers you've thought of for the problem, and why you can't decide which one is the correct one. Sort of like your teacher would expect from you.


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