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This page gives a list of books that I have found useful while working on this web site.

Adouze, Jean & Israël, Guy (Eds.) "The Cambridge Atlas of Astronomy", 3rd Ed. (1994): Cambridge University Press, 0-521-43438-6 [Adouze]
Allen, Richard Hinckley "Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning" (1963 [1899]): Dover, 0-486-21079-0 [Allen]
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Censorinus "De Die Natali" (238): //, [Censorinus]
Crowe, Michael J. "Theories of the World from Antiquity to the Copernican Revolution" (1990): Dover, 0-486-26173-5 [Crowe]
Dershowitz, N. & Reingold, E.M. "Calendrical Calculations" (1997): Cambridge University Press, [Dershowitz]
Dreyer, J.L.E. "A History of Astronomy from Thales to Kepler", 2nd Ed. (1953 [1906]): Dover, 0-486-60079-3 [Dreyer]
Edmonson, Munro S. "The Book of the Year: Middle American Calendrical Systems" (1988): University of Utah Press, 0-87480-288-1 [Edmonson]
Evans, J. "The History and Practice of Ancient Astronomy" (1998): Oxford University Press, [Evans]
Goss, W.M. & Brown, R.L. & Lo, K.Y. "The Discovery of Sgr A*" (2003): //, [Goss]
Meeus, Jean "Astronomical Algorithms" (1991): Willmann-Bell, Inc., 0-943396-35-2 [Meeus]
Meeus, Jean "Mathematical Astronomy Morsels" (1997): Willmann-Bell, Inc., 0-943396-51-4 [Morsels]
Pannekoek, A. "A History of Astronomy" (1989 [1961]): Dover, 0-486-65994-1 [Pannekoek]
Steel, D. "Marking Time, The Epic Quest to Invent the Perfect Calendar" (2000): John Wiley & Sons, [Steel]
Stephenson, F. Richard "Historical Eclipses and Earth's Rotation" (1997): Cambridge University Press, 0-521-46194-4 [Stephenson]
Toomer, G.J. "Ptolemy's Almagest" (1998): Princeton University Press, 0-691-00260-6 [Toomer]
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White, R. "Coligny Calendar Page" (2004): //, [White]
van Gent "De wettelijke tijdregeling in Nederland" (2004): //, [van Gent]
van Wijk, W.E. "Onze Kalender" (1955): Wereld-Bibliotheek, Amsterdam, [van Wijk]


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