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Astronomy Answers is a collection of information about astronomy.

1. Dictionary

If you come across a difficult astronomical word here or elsewhere, and you'd like to know what it means, then you can look for it in our dictionary.

2. AnswerBook

Do you have a question about astronomy or something astronomical? Perhaps the answer to your question is already in our AnswerBook, and otherwise you can send your question to me.

3. Universe Family Tree

The Universe is full of all kinds of things, from planets and moons to black holes and galaxy clusters. In the Universe Family Tree you can see how they are connected.

4. Science

Science is a method for finding out more about the world around you. Read the Science Page to learn more about science.

5. The Starry Sky

We have a couple of pages that show maps of the starry sky as seen from 50° north latitude (about the latitude of the Netherlands and Belgium).

6. Planet Positions

The positions of the planets compared to that of the Sun, and some main planetary phenomena of the years 1895 through 2105 can be found on the Planetary Phenomena Page.

7. Essays

On Venus in the Pleiades.

On Daylight Savings Time and whether we should abolish it.

On 21 December 2012.

On planetary conjunctions.

On determining the size of dim celestial bodies.

On mysterious lights in the sky.

On planetary phenomena.

On solar eclipses and lunar eclipses and the saros.

On Mars getting closer than usual to the Earth in August 2003.

8. Astronomical calculations

Do you enjoy calculating and are you not afraid of formulas? Then the astronomical calculations page may be for you.

9. Tables and Figures

These pages contain various tables and figures. The Tables Page and Figures Page provide lists.

10. Books

The Books Page gives a list of books that have been useful for working on this web site.

11. Search

Have you not yet found an answer to your question about astronomy or something in the sky or in space? Then you can try to search for your topic in all text in these pages ( or on the whole web (WWW), by typing the question into the search box below and then pressing the "Google Search" button:


12. Colophon

Read who has prepared this information for you.



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