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\(\def\|{&}\DeclareMathOperator{\D}{\bigtriangleup\!} \DeclareMathOperator{\d}{\text{d}\!}\)

\( \DeclareMathOperator{\arsinh}{arsinh} \DeclareMathOperator{\arcosh}{arcosh} \DeclareMathOperator{\artanh}{artanh} \DeclareMathOperator{\sgn}{sgn} \)

World Wide Web browsers often cannot show many of the symbols that one often finds in mathematical formulas. A mathematical formula from these web pages can therefore look different in one browser than in another browser. Some examples are shown below, so you can see what certain mathematical constructions from these pages look like in your browser. If your browser cannot display many special cases, then it can be difficult to understand the formulas. You can of course try to use a different browser, or you can study the source code of the page.

I am switching to using MathJax (//, but not all formulas are in MathJax format yet.


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Last updated: 2021-07-19